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Fri, November 22, 2013

Unity is strengthened by commonly held beliefs. At SSCS we hold to a set of beliefs which originate in Scripture. Some of those basic beliefs we record in our Doctrinal Statement. Some of them we call our Core Values. Core values set the standard for how we behave and how we prioritize our NH and TBS education.
Others we actually call our Core Beliefs; statements which guide our thinking and allow us to champion Biblical ideas critical to our school culture As our students move from grade to grade, they are taught the same truth, and find unity in those commonly held beliefs. Our common commitment to Jesus Christ allows a basis of trust and stability that is unique in the Christian community.
As we train today’s disciples to become tomorrow’s leaders, we desire to send them out into the world united in their faith, knowing that as they present a tightly held front of truth to the world, they will have greater influence over those who need the truth of Jesus Christ. Instead of allowing ourselves to be divided by minute differences, we teach our young leaders to stand strong and unified on the essential of the Christian faith. 
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Fri, March 1, 2013

In a letter written by Dr. James Dobson in September of 2011, he encouraged parents to be aware of the “river of culture” that is carrying our children downstream like a raging river.  Three of his major points follow.

The Younger Years are Important.   It is important to introduce children to moral and spiritual values when they are young.  As they grow older, the truth they have been taught will strengthen their resolve to do what is right and will carry them through the difficult years ahead.

Teaching Truth is Critical.  Boys and girls must be taught to discern the lies of the culture and must have a thorough foundation in the principles of God’s Word so that they do not fall for secular thinking.  The misinformation and lies about romance and sexuality must be denounced and God’s plan for purity and modesty taught.  Boys need godly men to emulate and girls need spiritually minded women to teach them God’s ways.

God’s Standards Must be Followed.  Parents are given the responsibility to raise their children in God’s truth.  Children naturally look to parents to be their example, to teach them truth.  Quality time and attention is required as parents make the eternal investment into the lives of their children.


At SSCS we stand ready to support the home by providing the Biblically based education you want for your children.  Every day, we are teaching each child faith, knowledge and the skills they will need to enjoy a productive and fulfilling life.  May God bless us as we partner to achieve His plan for each child’s life.


Christian Education
Mon, October 15, 2012

Christian education is about teaching in a culture laden with God's truth.  It is about pointing students to God's word and helping them see that a life of commitment to God brings peace and contentment--and often excitement!  Christian education allows the church and home confidence in knowing that what they teach is not being undermined for six hours each day.  It allows students to become who God created them to be in a loving and supportive environment.

Welcome to the new school year!
Tue, October 9, 2012

What fun it was to welcome back over 400 students to our campuses!  Seeing many familiar faces along with news ones made September 4 and 5 very special days.  It was fun to watch parents greet one another and to see the students sporting their "first day clothes" as they entered TBS and New Hope hallways for a new school year.
So what will this new school year bring to us? Of course, we do not know the specific plans God has for us. However, we do know they are more than we can ask or think. We know that it honors God to see His children taught His truth. We know that God will provide for those who trust in Him.
I am looking for three things this year. First, I trust that God is going to honor the theme He gave us and mold us into more of a grace-filled community. He will give us wisdom to respond to each situation we encounter with grace and obedience to His word. Second, I am trusting that prayer will become more a part of our lives. It is my hope that our school family will attend prayer opportunities (still to be announced) and see God answer our requests in ways that are more than we can imagine. Third, I hope that our high school students will be discipled in a greater way as we begin a more intentional mentoring ministry.  Our goal is to truly graduate tomorrow's leaders.
So, welcome to the new school year. Please pray with us for God’s perfect plan to be accomplished in us this year.

The End of the School Year
Thu, August 9, 2012

The end of the school year gives reason for us to evaluate the education that we have offered to our students over the past 10 months.  Both our New Hope and Tacoma Baptist campuses have reason to give thanks, as many students have grown in faith, knowledge and skill.  And the growth is so obvious!!  Our kindergartners now read with enthusiasm!  Our third graders can multiply!  Our 8th graders understand what it means to have a Biblical world view and our senior class is leaving ready to embrace what God has for their future!   Come check out our schools--we know you will be impressed with the education being offered!

National Day of Prayer
Mon, March 26, 2012

What a privilege it is to be able to pray, to learn about prayer in community, and to spend time in prayer --right in school. Today, our TBS elementary students were challenged from God's Word to pray and then were reminded of the many opportunities we have to talk to God throughout the day. Our high school student council led their chapel, with student leaders challenging their fellow students to not take prayer for granted, but to pray for the many areas of life their lives are engaged in. We know that God asks us to pray, promises to hear our prayers, and tells us He will answer our prayers. How wonderful that we can pray and trust Him to work out His perfect will in our lives.

The Importance of Christian Education
Fri, March 23, 2012

After attending a workshop recently where we discussed the importance of the church - school- partnership, I am more convinced of the necessity of schools where God's truth is upheld and where a Biblical world view is taught. The ministry of the church is critical and at SSCS we encourage all of our students to be involved in their local church. However, two to four hours a week is not sufficient for training young people to know God's Word and ready them to look at all of life from a Biblical world view. That makes the partnership of the church and school critical as they come alongside the home to train our children in Truth.

Christian Education is Worth It!
Mon, January 30, 2012

Come visit our TBS campus this Thursday, February 2, from 6-8 p.m., and let us share with you why we are convinced that every penny you put into an education based on God's Word is worth it. Meet teachers who are dedicated to serving God first and then to the children they teach. Review a curriculum that challenges students to grow academically and is taught from a Biblical perspective. Talk to students who are enthusiastic about the education and training they have received at TBS.
February 7, we urge you to visit the Open House at the New Hope campus in Graham. There you will find teachers committed to Jesus and to their students. You will find a family atmosphere that blesses and builds confidence in each student. You will be able to preview a curriculum that encourages academic
excellence and is taught from a Biblical perspective.
A Christian education is definitely worth it! Come and see for yourself.

Worth It!
Fri, January 27, 2012

In a new book written by ACSI President Brian Simmons, he asks the question, "Is Christian Education worth it? From that question --and his well documented answer-- he titled his book, Worth It!. The book explores the fact that children are in school for about 15.000 hours and influenced greatly by their teachers and peers. Knowing that, is the money invested in a Christian school education worth it? In an easy to read format, Dr. Simmons builds a case for the value of an education built on the truth of God's word, taught by educators who love Truth and delivered in an atmosphere of love and compassion. He concludes -- it is Worth It!!

I will provide a copy of the book to the first ten people who email with their contact information. I hope you will be convinced that a Christian education is indeed WORTH IT!

Fri, January 6, 2012

There is something refreshing about "new." When we talk about the "new year" it means opportunity for starting again. It means hope. It means a new resolve. it means we can try again.
For New Hope Christian and Tacoma Baptist Schools, the new year offers opportunity for a new resolve. We resolve in this new year to be more faithful to our mission, to build stronger relationships with our students and to open our hearts in greater ways to the work of God. You are welcome to hold us accountable to our resolve.


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