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Happy New Year!
Tue, January 4, 2011

January brings hopes for new beginnings, new opportunities and for new ways of living. I am challenged to continue to ponder the sovereignty of God and to know Him in a deeper way this year. I hope for more opportunity to serve Him and more opportunity to see Him in His unlimited power at work at South Sound Christian Schools.

At SSCS we are committed to challenging our students to believe in the God of new beginnings. We put before our students new opportunities for learning about our Creator in science, our Sustainer in history, the Author in English classes and the Constant One in math. Our students are challenged daily to strive for excellence in their academic work while they understand God in new ways. All instruction becomes an opportunity for avenues of careful thought as well as "outside of the box" thinking as teachers challenge students to think critically about their world.

Reaching Out to Those in Need
Mon, December 13, 2010

I was reading an article this weekend about raising kids who care more about themselves. The article suggests that we must "start them young", if we want teens and adults to care about others. As young children begin to understand that there are others who do not have all the advantages that they may have, compassion and concern are developed for those less fortunate. Involving children in charity work at a young age exposes them to the needs of others and can invoke compassion and kindness in young hearts.

Christmas seems a great time to allow children to see that others are in need. Adopting a family and choosing gifts for children of like age is a wonderful way to teach your children to give. Even better is to ask your children to earn their own money to purchase a gift for someone in need. Participating in "Angel Tree" or "Operation Christmas Child" are other avenues of teaching the joy of giving.

At New Hope, TBS Elementary and TBS Secondary, students are challenged to reach out to others during the Christmas season. We hope our students grow into young adults who truly have a heart for those in need.

Thoughts taken from "Raising Kids Who Care" by Martha Fay, Readers Digest, December 2008.

Veteran's Day Chapels
Fri, November 12, 2010

Honoring Veterans November 11, 2010

I am so glad for the heart of Tacoma Baptist Schools and New Hope Christian School. Among many important heart throbs, the one for the importance of patriotism beats strongly. Our students know the importance of our Judeo-Christian heritage. They understand that honoring God and adhering to the founding principles of this country is crucial. Watching our students give gifts and cards to the veterans who attended our special chapels was heart-warming. Observing our junior high students escort the veterans to the reception in their honor was a blessing. Hearing the songs played and sung by our students caused me to fight tears. We live in a uniquely blessed country and we must never forget the great cost of our freedoms. Our deeply felt gratitude to ALL veterans and soldiers who have paid the price to keep our country free!

Pastors attend SSCS chapels
Thu, October 14, 2010

In our weekly chapels this morning, we welcomed Pastors to our TBS campus. Our mission states that we desire to “support the Christian home and church” and today we stood beside and honored our Pastors for the wonderful work they do to challenge our young people to a closer walk with their Lord.

Twenty-six pastors attended the elementary chapel. As our students shared poetry, sang worship songs and gathered around our pastors and prayed for them, many hearts were encouraged. And -- our students learned the importance of blessing those in authority above them.

Jeriah, Spiritual Life Student Leader, welcomed nine pastors to the secondary chapel and encouraged them with words about well known Old Testament saints. Each pastor was encouraged to share his name, church, ministry and several prayer requests. What a blessing it was to see the students then gather around the pastors and pray for them. Our hope is that Pastors left encouraged, knowing that they are loved and appreciated by the family at TBS!

A week of anniversaries
Sun, October 10, 2010

In church Sunday, we celebrated Pastor Jerry Mitchell for 30 years of ministry at my church, Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue, WA. It is an accomplishment to be at one place for 30 years -- and to have had impacted so many lives. I honor and appreciate my pastor and am so thankful for the challenge to spiritual growth that I benefit from each Sunday.

Tacoma Baptist Schools is celebrating 50 years of Christian education this year. WOW! That is an even greater accomplishment in terms of years! And, think of the thousands of lives that have been impacted for Christ over those 50 years. I know just a little of the story of those early days. I do know that much sacrifice made it possible for the vision for a Christian school in this area to come to fruition. January 28-30, 2011, the TBS family will celebrate this very special anniversary. Our celebration team is praying and working so that we will have an awesome time of celebration with the many people who have been impacted for Christ through TBS. My prayer is that many will join us and be blessed...


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