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The Ryan Ostrander Story

Ryan Ostrander entered Tacoma Baptist High School in 9th grade and graduated with the class of 2012.  Today, Ryan is a third class cadet at the Coast Guard Academy. His goal is to graduate as an officer with a degree in mechanical engineering. Ryan believes the success he is experiencing at the Coast Guard Academy is directly connected to his education and experience at TBS.                                                                         

At Tacoma Baptist, Ryan was given ample opportunity to grow as a student and a leader. He enjoyed being stretched in the classroom and embraced opportunities to challenge himself academically. “I could have chosen an easier road at TBS, but instead I took AP Chemistry, Calculus, Honors Physics, and other difficult classes”, says Ryan.  “These classes, especially AP Chemistry, prepared me well for the Coast Guard.” Ryan also found a variety of opportunities to grow and develop as a servant leader, most notably, serving as ASB president his senior year. “TBS was a great testing ground for developing my ability to work with others – teachers who were in authority over me and my peers who often challenged me as I attempted to lead.”

Ryan loved his teachers at TBS and credits them with helping him to develop study skills and a confidence that have allowed him to tackle difficult college courses head on. Looking back, Ryan recalls his teachers’ willingness to take extra time, both in and out of class, to make sure he really understood what he was learning and how to apply those concepts. “In college you are on your own,” Ryan said, “ but having that kind of guidance in high school allowed me to develop confidence in my ability to learn and to be successful as a student.” 

Furthermore, attending TBS gave Ryan a strong understanding of his place in God’s heart. Daily Bible classes strengthened Ryan’s knowledge and love of Scripture and equipped him to defend his faith. “While looking into the Coast Guard Academy, I was extremely hesitant to go to a secular school. I wanted a place that was going to nurture my faith, but at the same time I needed a school that was going to be right for me academically. TBS prepared me so well spiritually that I was not concerned about losing my faith. Despite stories of college kids going to school and leaving Jesus, I felt confident enough in the foundation of my faith that no one was going to change what I believed.”

Over the course of four years, Ryan came to see TBS as a second home. “My time at TBS was extremely valuable. I still visit when I am in town because I feel like I have family there.  My teachers truly cared about me, not just academically, but about my life and my walk with Jesus.” In the warm and welcoming environment at TBS, Ryan developed meaningful friendships with classmates and teachers who continue to encourage him and hold him accountable to living out his faith in Jesus.

Ryan doesn’t know exactly where God will take him in the years to come, but he is confident that his experience at TBS will help him get there.