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Unity is strengthened by commonly held beliefs. At SSCS we hold to a set of beliefs which originate in Scripture. Some of those basic beliefs we record in our Doctrinal Statement. Some of them we call our Core Values. Core values set the standard for how we behave and how we prioritize our NH and TBS education.
Others we actually call our Core Beliefs; statements which guide our thinking and allow us to champion Biblical ideas critical to our school culture As our students move from grade to grade, they are taught the same truth, and find unity in those commonly held beliefs. Our common commitment to Jesus Christ allows a basis of trust and stability that is unique in the Christian community.
As we train today’s disciples to become tomorrow’s leaders, we desire to send them out into the world united in their faith, knowing that as they present a tightly held front of truth to the world, they will have greater influence over those who need the truth of Jesus Christ. Instead of allowing ourselves to be divided by minute differences, we teach our young leaders to stand strong and unified on the essential of the Christian faith. 
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