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Secondary Academics

The development of a solid, academic program that prepares students to be leaders in our world is one of our highest priorities. We know that students who have chosen to live out the fruits of the Spirit will be well equipped to face the complex challenges our society presents and to influence others to make right choices. Therefore, all students are discipled in God's Word each day.   Semester Bible classes allow students opportunity to dig into God’s Word while also applying truth to their own lives.  In addition, our curriculum is distinctive in that all the subject matter is taught from a Biblical perspective. This Biblical worldview is contained in many of the textbooks we use; teachers choose instructional methods which allow students to consider and assimilate God’s truth.  Most important, it is seen in the lives of our faculty as they model the life of a disciple before our students. A framework for thinking in a distinctly Christian manner is presented and each student is challenged to consider all things through the truth of God’s Word.

Both a scope and sequence and a curriculum guide provides continuity in the subject matter we teach. Course objectives have been carefully developed to ensure that our academic goals are being reached. Our commitment to a superior academic curriculum has been affirmed by the colleges that accept our students upon graduation from TBS. We are accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

Our curriculum review cycle ensures that the subject matter we teach is evaluated on a continuous basis for the purpose of improvement.
Students in the elementary through 10th grades are given a yearly standardized achievement test. Many of our students average in the top 25-30% nationally on these tests, with some scoring in the 90th percentile range. The results are carefully analyzed by our faculty to determine areas of strengths and needed improvements.