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Frequently Asked Questions – Admissions
What are the distinctive attributes of South Sound Christian Schools?

  • New Hope and TBS campuses provide a loving, family environment where students are taught to know and love God and where they are nurtured and trained to be leaders. 
  • Our teachers love children and are committed to teaching with excellence as they cultivate life skills and leadership abilities in each student.
  • We provide a safe place – emotionally and physically – for children to receive an education.
  •  Younger students benefit from our “hands on” approach to learning with an emphasis on building a strong academic foundation in reading, writing, and math.
  • Older students experience rigorous academic preparation, focused on teaching important content and skills and empowering students to think and write critically from a Biblical worldview.
  • Students are viewed as disciples of Jesus Christ who have been given unique gifts and abilities by God and who have the potential to be great leaders in His kingdom.
  • Small class sizes allow a caring, professional relationship between teachers and students that cultivates a feeling of value and safety.  

How can I best have my questions about the school answered?
If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here on our website, call or email a member of our admissions team:
Danette Taylor (Admissions Coordinator) – 253.475.7226 x106 /
DJ Rippl (Director of Admissions + Marketing) – 253.475.7226 x105 /

Can we come and tour your school?
Absolutely. Tours can be set up by contacting the Tacoma Baptist Campus at 253-475-7226 x106, or New Hope Campus at 253-847-2643.
Can my child visit for the day at your school?
Yes. You can set up a Shadow Day (half day or full day) by contacting the school office. We appreciate at least three days notice but can usually provide a wonderful visit day with at least 24 hours notice. 
Can I enroll my child after the school year has already started?
Yes, we enroll children at both of our campuses throughout the year. Contact us to learn more about mid-year enrollment.   
Must the school have all required paperwork and forms before making a decision on acceptance into the school?
Yes. We need a complete application in order to make a decision regarding enrollment. We want to ensure that our schools are the right fit for your family and children.
Do you require an entrance test?
Yes, we do require entrance testing for grades 1 through 9.  We use transcripts to determine entrance for high school students.  We may accept standardized testing scores in place of TBS testing. Additional testing may be required to determine math placement for junior high and high school students.
My child has an IEP.  Does SSCS accept students with learning challenges?
We evaluate each child based on their individual needs and our ability to address them. We encourage parents to sign up for an Educational Success Consultation where we will determine together the best program for your child. Additional testing may be required for acceptance and/or placement.
On the Tacoma Baptist campus, students with learning needs may be able to receive additional support in our Instructional Support Center.
How will I know when my child is accepted into South Sound Christian Schools?
A letter of acceptance will be mailed to your home welcoming you to New Hope or TBS. Missing or incomplete application information may delay your child’s start date.
Is the application fee refundable if my child is not accepted?
Since a significant portion of time and attention is dedicated to reviewing applications by the office and administrative staff, the fee is not refundable.
Is information on tuition and/or fees available?
Yes.  Since we believe that finding the right school for your child is most important, we ask that you schedule an Educational Success Consultation first.
Does South Sound Christian Schools offer financial assistance?
Yes. SSCS desires to make financial assistance available to all eligible families. You can find more information about financial aid on our website or by calling 253-475-7226 x106.
Do South Sound Christian Schools accept international students?
Yes. Visit our International Programs and International Admissions pages or contact us for more information about international students at TBS.
Do you require a TOEFL score for admittance?
Yes, we require a TOEFL score or its equivalent, for admittance.  Our standard for incoming 9th and 10th grade students is a minimum score of 61. Students in 11th and 12th grade must have a score of 69 or better to be admitted.
What sports do you have?
TBS offers a variety of sports for both males and females at the Junior High and High School. Visit our Athletics page or call Mark Smith, Athletic Director, at 253-475-7226 x113 for more information.
Would my son/daughter be eligible to play sports at your school in their first semester?
Specific WIAA regulations and policies may apply to situations wherein students transfer schools. For information regarding your unique circumstances, please contact the Athletic Director at 253-475-7226 x113.
Do you have uniforms or a dress code?
The New Hope campus has a uniform for its students.  The Tacoma Baptist campus has a dress code. In general, students are asked to dress modestly. Contact our campus offices for more information.
Do you have Before and After School Care?
Yes, at the Tacoma Baptist campus.  Visit the Before + After School Care page to learn more about current fees, schedules, and polices.
Do you have bus transportation?
We currently offer one limited bus route for students attending Tacoma Baptist. For more information about bus transportation, please visit our transportation page or contact Mark Smith, Transportation Director, at 253-475-7226 x113.