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2016-17 Annual Fund


It is an exciting year at Tacoma Baptist Schools! Our enrollment is up 28% since 2014, we continue to make improvements to our campus, and our sports teams are flourishing in the SeaTac League! Even as we celebrate these blessings, we recognize that there is still plenty of work to be done.

For fifty-six years, TBS has been committed to providing students with a Christ-centered education that equips them to succeed spiritually, academically, and socially. We strive in every way to develop DiscipleLeaders who are growing in faith, knowledge, and service. As we look to the future, we have identified an area which, if given additional financial support, would improve our campus and increase safety for our students. Will you partner with us this year?



The TBS Annual Fund provides for specific educational needs that lie beyond the scope of tuition dollars. Every tax-deductible donation made to the Annual Fund will be spent to address specific needs and impact our students and teachers. Meeting these needs with the support of the Annual Fund allows us to accelerate the pace at which we can expand our academic offerings and discipleship efforts, without shifting resources away from existing programs, classes, or staff.



This year, our goal is to raise $50,000 to address one specific need: Campus Safety

1.     Phase 1:


Our Elementary Fun Run was already a huge success and has started us toward our goals. With the money we have raised, we will be doing two things. First, we will purchase a mobile AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine for the front office. All of our staff are trained in how to use this life-saving device, but we do not have one on campus. The Annual Fund would provide us with additional funds to eventually make sure every building on campus is equipped with an AED, allowing staff to save precious moments in response to emergency situations. Second, you will notice a safety fence going up between our parking lot and playground in the near future. This fence will provide added safety for our elementary students as they play before, during, and after school.


2.    Phase 2:

We have a local police officer who has volunteered his time going through our safety procedures and walking our campus to advise us on necessary improvements. He is a nationally certified safety trainer for police officers and provided extensive training for our staff before school began. He is also a member of one of our founding churches. Our first step in improving campus safety follows his expert consultation.

This year we will begin the process of raising funds to replace every window on campus with safety glass. Our current windows are single pane glass and older than many of our teachers. When this type of glass is broken it shatters into shards, which can be rather dangerous. Our goal is to raise enough money to systematically replace these windows with ones built to withstand the daily encounters on a school campus. 

This type of glass improves safety because it will not shatter, but will “spider web” when broken, while remaining in place. This type of glass is also resistant to intrusion from the outside because it is far more difficult to penetrate.

We will be raising money in general to replace all windows on campus, however, we recognize that your first concern is for your child’s class or classes. When giving, you will have the opportunity to designate your gift to a particular classroom. As classrooms become fully funded, we will replace those windows during breaks in the school year. Money that exceeds the need for any one classroom will be passed to the room that is highest on the priority list. Understandably, our priority will begin with classrooms at ground level, beginning with our youngest, and continue based upon accessibility to the classroom.



We’re asking you – TBS alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends of our school – to join us as partners on this mission by supporting the 2016-17 Annual Fund. We are budgeting $1,000 for every window frame that needs to be replaced (with volunteer labor), which means most classes will cost $3,000 to complete. This is a big task, but our kids are worth it.


You can make a one-time gift or give on a monthly basis in any amount you choose. All gifts to the TBS Annual Fund are tax-deductible. Every contribution, large or small, helps move us closer to our goal, as we work to provide an education that will equip our students to thrive in an ever-changing world. 


Please consider giving at one of the following levels:

Crusader  -      $3,000 or $300/month for 10 months (replaces every window bank in the classroom)

Gold         -      $1,000 or $100/month for 10 months (replaces 1 window bank in the classroom)

Blue         -      $500 or $50/month for 10 months (replaces ½ of a window bank in the classroom)

White       -      $250 or $25/month for 10 months (replaces ¼ of a window bank in the classroom)


You can also contact our Finance Office at 253.475.7226 x134 to make your donation over the phone or mail your gift to us (with “Annual Fund” written in the memo line):

Development Office

Tacoma Baptist Schools

2052 South 64th St.

Tacoma, WA 98409


***Does your employer offer matching contributions to education? Let us know so we can maximize your gift through matching funds.***


Thank you in advance for your generous support!