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Common Core + SSCS

South Sound Christian Schools is committed to providing a quality education for its students. Our leadership team stays abreast of educational trends in curriculum and assessment and evaluates them in light of our mission and core values.  We are committed to continuous improvement and seek to provide current content and best practices in instruction and curriculum.
Common Core Alignment
Many parents have heard about the national education standards known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  CCSS have not been written for all subject areas and are not comprehensive for any subject area, but they represent standards that have been accepted by many states. Since the CCSS have been adopted by most state departments of education, standardized testing is aligning with them in language arts, math and science.  Among state and private educators, there is much controversy over the imposition of national standards, the loss of local control over education, and undesirable philosophical implications.  At this time, there is no indication that private schools will be mandated to adopt the CCSS, yet educators are watching closely as the CCSS are becoming the standard for education in this country. 
SSCS has historically met or exceeded recommended common core content standards.  As we review our student learning objectives, we find that in most cases, our curriculum includes Common Core standards a year ahead of the Core.  In some cases, we choose to teach objectives in a different sequence than the CCSS recommends.
Common academic standards are very useful when they inform content in an effort to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate, sequentially meaningful, and academically rigorous. Our concern is that some of the Common Core goes beyond content and impacts the realm of teaching methodology. We carefully analyze these methodologies and use what is best for our students and classrooms.  Most important to SSCS is that our curriculum reflects our philosophical foundation of Biblical truth and that everything we teach is filtered through a Biblical worldview.  We will not compromise our mission – to offer a Biblically based education.
Historically, students at both of our campuses, instructed under our curriculum, consistently score well on standardized tests and on college entrance tests. We are committed to using the best textbooks and instructing with best practices so that we provide students with the tools they need for spiritual, academic and personal success.