Concurrent Credits

Tacoma Baptist Schools is proud to announce that starting in Fall 2020 our high school students will have the opportunity to earn college credits through Northwest University while attending TBS.  
Classes available for the 2020-2021 school year:
Survey of American Literature (Full year = 3 college credits)
Survey of English Literature (Full year = 3 college credits)
Paul's Epistles (Full Year = 3 college credits)
Systematic Theology (Full year = 3 college credits)

Concurrent Credit Bible Classes

Beginning in the fall of 2020, high school students will have the opportunity to receive college credit through Northwest University concurrently with the high school Bible classes offered at Tacoma Baptist Schools.

Students taking concurrent classes will be in the same classroom as other students, but will be expected to complete additional work and reading, including a college level textbook and additional papers.

This is a fantastic option for students who have a strong understanding of the Bible and are willing to push and challenge themselves.

These credits would be good at Northwest University or could transfer to another school once they graduate from Tacoma Baptist.

Concurrent Credit English Classes

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, Tacoma Baptist High School will offer two English classes where students will concurrently earn high school credit and college credits. Each course will be awarded three college credits through Northwest University.

Juniors will have the opportunity to take Survey of American Literature, a chronological study of the impact of American authors on the history of our great country.

Seniors may enroll in Survey of English Literature, a study of British Literature from the Anglo-Saxon times to the 21st century.

These credits would be good at Northwest University or easily transferred to another college or university.
Northwest University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, at the same level as all major universities such as the University of Washington and Washington State University.  Learn more about Northwest University's program by visiting

Download the Viewbook from Northwest University

Concurrent Credit Fees

Students pay Tacoma Baptist a Concurrent Credit Fee of $50 per credit.  Each 3 credit course will be charged a $150 fee.  This fee will be billed through the TBS Finance Office.  

The school retains $50 for classroom supplies or other related equipment or instructional costs.  The remaining fees are remitted to Northwest University.

In comparison, tuition at state and private universities can cost hundreds of dollars, or sometimes over a thousand dollars, per credit. Concurrent Credit is one of the most cost efficient ways to get a head start on a student’s college education.

*Please note that students may be required to purchase additional college level textbooks.  These fees are not included in the per credit fee.
How to register:
To register for Concurrent Credit classes at Tacoma Baptist, please indicate your interest on your HS Course selection worksheet or contact Ms. Kitselman at the email below.  

Contact Ms. Kitselman at [email protected].