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Warning! Avoid scholarship scams.  Beware of any service that wants you to pay for a scholarship search.  Most scholarships are listed online or in your local library for free.
Scam Warning Signs
• You have to pay a fee or “taxes”
•  Money-back offers or guarantees
• Credit card or back account information required
• Provides “exclusive” information


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Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The Fair Chance Scholarship (Deadline: February 12, 2017) Amount: $3,000.The Washington State Fair Foundation is pleased to present scholarship opportunities to local students for continuing education.The Fair Chance Scholarship is awarded to fourteen students from across the state of Washington pursuing higher education. The $3,000 awards are payable over two years ($1,500 each year). Criteria include: attending an accredited 2 or 4-year college, university or trade/technical school in the Fall of 2016 and currently working, volunteering or involved in a school-sponsored activity at least 8 hours per month. Prior involvement with the Fair (4H, FFA, etc) and financial need may be considered, though neither is a requirement. For questions, contact Erin Smith, Scholarship Coordinator, at 253-841-5105 or by email to or go to

The Anderson Criminal Justice Scholarship (Deadline: February 12, 2017) Amount: $5,000. The Washington State Fair Foundation is pleased to present scholarship opportunities to students for continuing education. The Anderson Criminal Justice Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a career in the field of criminal justice. The $5,000 award is payable over two years ($2,500 per year). Criteria include:  Washington resident, graduating senior with plans to attend an accredited 2 or 4-year college or university (Fall 2017) that offers a Criminal Justice program. Preference will be given to students pursuing a career in law enforcement. For questions, contact Erin Smith, Scholarship Coordinator, at 253-841-5105 or by email to or go to

Washington State Employees’ Credit Union Scholarship (Deadline: February 13, 2017) Amount: $1,500 and $2,500. WSECU is pleased to have the opportunity to assist students with their higher education expenses. WSECU is committed to the principles of diversity and welcomes WSECU member to apply for a WSECU scholarship. Recipients can use the scholarship to fund accredited postsecondary education; e.g., college or vocational, public or private. To be eligible, an applicant must be a WSECU member in good standing, be a high school senior, be enrolled full time for the fall 2017 semester and working toward a first-time degree, and demonstrate financial need. For guidelines and instructions for the application process, please see

BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship (Deadline: February 14, 2017) Amount: $10,000. The Better Business Bureau offers the Students of Integrity Scholarship to recognize high school juniors and seniors in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington or western Wyoming who personify and communicate ethics in the real world, as demonstrated through community service, personal integrity, and academic accomplishments. Applicants are encouraged to apply by creating a 90-second video that demonstrates how BBB helps people become smart consumers. Visit

SPIE Optics and Phototonics Education Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017 at 11:59pm) Amount: $2,000 to $11,000. SPIE, the International Society of Optics and Photonics, offers this scholarship for students who are planning to study optics, photonics, or a related field. The awards are in varying amounts ranging from $2,000 to $11,000. For information, see   

The Jackie Robinson Foundation (Deadline: February 15, 2017) Amount: up to $28,000 over 4 years. The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides a multi-faceted experience designed to not only address the financial needs of minority students who aspire to attend college but also to guide them through the process of higher education. Once chosen from a national, selective process, “Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars” receive a generous four-year grant to assist with the costs of attending the college or university of their choice and are enrolled in JRF’s celebrated mentoring curriculum. JRF’s four-year curriculum enables students to navigate the college environment effectively, explore career options, develop leadership skills and embrace a commitment to service. Throughout the four-year program, JRF also promotes the values and character traits embodied in the heroic life of its namesake. The JRF scholarship is awarded to outstanding high school graduates who plan to earn a baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university. For information and to apply, go to

Carl N. & Margaret Karcher Founders’ Scholarship (Deadline: February 15, 2017) Amount; $1,000.  Carl N. and Margaret Karcher Founders’ Scholarship is offered by the Carl’s Jr. fast food chain to help high school seniors who are residents of states where there are Carl’s Jr. restaurants (this includes Washington). This program helps 60 students pay for their college education in either a two or four-year college or vocational school of their choice. Please visit

McChord Spouses’ Club Outstanding Student Merit Awards (Deadline: February 17, 2017) Amount: TBD. The McChord Spouses’ Club is pleased to announce they will give scholarship awards to eligible Air Force dependents who are college-bound students, running start students, or continuing education students.  Additionally, the applicant must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and must be planning to attend an accredited two or four-year university or college on a full time basis.  For more information, please contact Florence Chavez at 253-229-2070 or see

Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: February 20, 2017) Amount: $12,500/renewable. This scholarship awards a maximum of five scholarships a year, the amount of each is up to $12,500 renewable for four years. The recipients of GAR scholarships are exceptionally qualified high school students with demonstrated financial need whose parents or guardians have, or had, a career in the financial services industry. For more requirements and to fill out an application form, see

The Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 Scholarship (Deadline: to Mrs. Kitselman by February 21, 2017) The Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 awards several college scholarships annually in support of seniors graduating from Tacoma high schools.  The Rotary Scholarship Committee selects the scholarship recipients after reviewing applications and interviewing students. Only 3 nominees per school are considered. Each student is required to complete the scholarship application as well as provide an unofficial transcript of their high school grades to date. Please see Mrs. Kitselman for an application; applications must be signed and submitted to Mrs. Kitselman by February 21, 2017. More information can be found at:

Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship (Deadline: please see Mrs. Kitselman for final directions by February 24, 2017) Amount: $2,500. The Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship provides awards for students who demonstrate good citizenship while striving to attain their academic goals.  Students will be judged on academic merit, extra-curricular achievements, and financial need. It is open to senior students at a public or private high school who have an application pending or have been accepted at an institution of higher learning, public or private. You must have a composite score of 20 on the ACT or a composite score of 1400 on the SAT. Please See Mrs. Kitselman for an application.

Tesoro Youth Leadership Awards (Deadline: February 26, 2017) Amount: $2,500 (20). Tesoro Industries is providing twenty $2,500 college scholarships for outstanding young leaders. This new scholarship has been launched to encourage young scholars who are leading by example in their schools and communities. To be eligible, an applicant must be a high school senior graduating in 2016 who is a US citizen or permanent resident of one of 19 states including Washington, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and be able to show financial need. Additionally, applicants must write an essay of 500 words or less in response to the following question: “Discuss how, through your leadership and participation in school and community events, activities and organizations, you possess the mindset and skills to succeed one day as a leader in a challenging corporate environment.” For more details and to apply, visit

Washington State Opportunities Scholarship (Deadline: February 28, 2017) Amount: $2,500-7,500/renewable. The WSOS supports low- and middle-income students pursuing eligible high demand majors in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) or healthcare and encourages recipients to work in Washington State once they complete their degrees.  Applicants must be high school seniors, college freshmen or sophomores at the time of application enrolling in an eligible Washington state college or university for fall term 2017. For more information, please visit

Leadership 1000 Scholarship (Deadline:  February 28, 2017 at 5 pm PST) Amount:  $1,500-$5,000. The Leadership 1000 Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by individuals, foundations, or businesses and provides college scholarships to students who will be attending an eligible four-year college or university in Washington State. Scholarships awarded will range from $1,500 to $5,000. Some scholarships will be for one year only while others will be renewable for up to three additional years. For more information, see

Washington State Governors’ Scholarship (Deadline:  February 28, 2017 by 5 pm PST) Amount: $2,000-$4,000/renewable. The Washington State Governors’ Scholarship for Foster Youth is a scholarship program that helps young men and women from foster care continue their education and earn a college degree. Eligible students must meet specific criteria. For more information, visit

American Indian Endowed Scholarship (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount: $500-$2,000. The Higher Education Coordinating Board is now accepting applications for the American Indian Endowed Scholarship awards. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be a Washington resident student with close social and cultural ties to an American Indian tribe, and intend to use his or her education to benefit the in-state American Indian community. To apply, visit the ReadySetGrad website at

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount: $25,000/renewable. This scholarship program is for high school seniors and current undergraduates who plan to enroll full time at a four-year college or university in 2017-2018 and plan to major in a field of study related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with an interest in the automotive industry. For more details, visit

2017 ACPE Scholarships (Deadline: March 1, 2017 at 5pm) Amount: $5,000. This year the Association for Computer Professional in Education (ACPE) has allocated $10,000 for scholarships of up to $2,500 each for students in Oregon and Washington. These scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who have been actively involved in the use of technology during their high school careers and are planning to pursue studies in a technology related field. For complete criteria and to complete the online application, please see  

Franciscan Health System Scholarship Program (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount:  $2,000. CHI Franciscan Health has established a scholarship program to assist students who plan to continue education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study in selected healthcare-related fields at an accredited institution of the student’s choice. Applicants must be from one of the following ethnic minorities:  American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Multi-Racial, or other non-white. Apply online at

Washington State School Retirees’ Association Scholarships (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount: $900/renewable(16), $1,500(8)and $1,500(1). The WSSRA is pleased to invite senior students who are committed to a career in education to apply for these scholarships.  Scholarships are in memory of Robert J. Handy, who founded the Washington State Teachers Credit Union. Sixteen $900 renewable scholarships are awarded. The WSSRA-Foundation grants eight scholarships in the one time amount of $1,500.  Finally, The Neil D. Prescott Scholarship, awarded this year to a student in NW Washington, in the amount of $1,500, will also be given. For a scholarship application and complete instructions, visit, click on Forms & Files, then click on Scholarship Application. 

Atsuhiko Tateuchi Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount:  $5,000(10). Students from the Pacific Rim states (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington) who demonstrate hard work, dedication, and sincerity can apply. Students must be high school seniors or undergraduate students who have financial need, academic merit (a GPA of 3.0 or higher), and be of Japanese or other Asian ancestry. Students from middle income families are encouraged to apply. To submit and application, students will need to create a login at and view the list of specific Seattle Foundation scholarships offered. For more information about Seattle Foundation Scholarships, please contact them at (206) 515-2119 or

VISINE Students with Vision Scholarship Program (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount: $5,000. This scholarship program is offering a one-time $5,000 scholarship to students who have demonstrated a clear vision or goal for their future. High School seniors and current college students with a minimum GPA of 2.8 may submit an online application. VISINE Students with Vision Scholarship Program recipients are selected based on academic achievement, school and community involvement, financial need and a demonstrated vision or goal. For additional information and to apply for this scholarship, please visit

“Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest (Deadline: March 1, 2017 11:59pm ET) Amount: $1,000. The “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest is a chance to show the world just how creative you can be.  The contest is open to students who are legal US residents and will be attending a U.S. college or university full time for the 2017-2018 academic years. Those entering this contest must create an original entry piece that shares what they want to achieve in their personal and professional life after college. Follow the theme: This is how I “Frame My Future.”  For more information, visit

Tall Club International Scholarship 2017 (Deadline: March 1, 2017) Amount: $1,000. The purpose of the Tall Club International (TCI) is “to promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and in the community.” This scholarship is offered once yearly by TCI to students who will be attending their first year of college in the fall. Requirements include under 21 years of age, entering college in the upcoming fall, be at least 5’10” for women and 6’2” for men and be sponsored by a local tall club member. If you are interested in applying for a TCI Scholarship Award, you must contact a TCI Member Club closest to you for sponsorship. Please visit for more information.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (Deadline: March 1, 2017 by 11:59 CT) Amount: $30,000. The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships for students pursuing first-time bachelor’s degrees or career and technical certificates. The foundation provides financial resources to the children of Marines and eligible Navy Corpsmen using various programs. For more information, see

The Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest (Deadline: March 2, 2017) Amount: $10,000. The Gallery Collection is excited to give students who are currently enrolled in high school, college or a university the rare opportunity to win a $10,000 cash award by designing a greeting card. The winning entry will be produced and sold as a real greeting card. If you are a student with talent in fine arts, graphic design or photography, this is an amazing opportunity for you. It could not only help you pay for your education but also jumpstart you career as you enter into today’s business world. The contest is simple:  submit an original photograph, piece of artwork or graphics file for the front design of a greeting card. For more information, visit

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship (Deadline: March 2, 2017) Amount: $2,500. This program was established to provide financial assistance to high school seniors who plan to attend college, technical, or vocational school but may not be able to meet the expenses of a higher education without such aid and do not qualify for other scholarships.  Applicants must be a 2016 high school graduating senior, have a cumulative GPA between 2.5 and 3.2, plan to enroll full-time for the 2017-2018 academic year at an accredited 2- or 4-year college, technical, or vocational school, and be a U.S. citizen.  For further questions, please visit

The Shell Oil Company Technical Scholarship & Shell Incentive Fund Scholarship (Deadline: March 2, 2017) Amount: $2,500. These scholarships are offered to graduating high school seniors who have expressed an interest in the energy industry and demonstrated an aptitude in mathematics and science.  In each program, Shell will sponsor up to 20 one-year awards of $2,500 for selected graduating high school seniors enrolling in engineering or geosciences at universities identified by Shell. After the first year of studies, recipients may be eligible to apply to receive a four-year renewable award of $5,000 annually. (Applicants for the Incentive Fund Scholarship must be a member of an underrepresented minority group.) Please visit for more information.

Sound Credit Union Scholarship (Deadline: March 3, 2017) Amount: $1,000.  Education is important for our community’s future. In support of this belief, Sound Credit Union will be awarding $1,000 individual scholarships to graduating high school seniors who plan to attend a two- or four-year college. Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:  be a graduating high school senior in good standing, have a cumulative 3.00 GPA through the senior year of high school, and be a member of Sound Credit Union. (Must be the prime member of their own account as of November 27, 2015).  For more information or to download an application, visit

Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest (Deadline: March 12, 2017) Amount: $1,000 cash.  Have you survived cancer? Have you watched a loved one deal with cancer? What was it like to watch someone your own age go through cancer?  The intention of this writing contest is to  open a dialog about their emotions when dealing with cancer. Teens from grades 9-12 in Washington State are invited to share their stories about cancer in personal essays of 500 to 2,000 words. Winning essays will be well-written, compeling and emotionally honest. Submit essays online at For more information, call 206.709.1400 or email Liz Lange at

BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarships (Deadline: March 15, 2017) Amount: $1,500/renewable. SAE International offers two scholarships for high school seniors planning on studying engineering. Through generous contributions from various individuals, corporations and universities, SAE International is proud to award scholarship money to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students. SAE scholarships assist in developing the future engineering workforce by helping students achieve their dreams of becoming an engineer. Please see

Washington State Association For Justice’s 2017 Past Presidents’ Scholarship (Deadline: March 17, 2017) Amount:  $7,500.  The Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) created the WSAJ Presidents’ Scholarship Fund in 1991. It was established to support and encourage the efforts of high school students who have overcome obstacles to achieve academically and socially. Past recipients have included cancer survivors, auto accident victims and teenagers with physical challenges. Competition for the scholarship has increased each year. For more information or to apply, see

Odenza Marketing Group Scholarships (Deadline: March 30, 2017) Amount: $500.  To be eligible, you must be between the ages of 16 and 25 by March 30, 2016, and have a GPA of 2.5 or greater. Applicants must submit answers to the following essay questions: #1) Choose a city located anywhere in the world that you believe would, from a future employment prospective, benefit your career. Explain in under 500 words how spending time in this city would help you become more marketable to a potential employer(s). Clearly identify how it will benefit you. #2) Explain in under 500 words, why you think you should be granted the Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship. Please visit

Sleeklens Academic Scholarship (Deadline: March 30, 2017 by 11:59 EST) Amount: $2,000. Sleeklens is made up of a group of photographers and designers, who work mainly with Photography and Adobe Lightroom, and believe individual effort and brilliance should be rewarded. Because of a strong sense of community responsibility, they play a big role in giving back to the community. In 2017, three winners will each receive $2,000 to cover expenses for academic year. To qualify for the scholarship, you must be undergraduate, graduate or high School senior with a legitimate acceptance letter from an accredited University or College. For more details or to apply, go to

Ajia Matthews Educational Scholarship Fund (Deadline: March 31, 2017)  Amount: $5,000. The Aija Matthews Education Scholarship Fund is in memory of Ajia Matthews, who passed away in 2009 at a young age due to a medical condition. AMESF scholarships for Washington State high school graduates in pursuit of a higher education. Criteria for these awards include academic performance, school involvement, character, leadership, employment history and community service. Students planning to attend two or four-year colleges or technical colleges are encouraged to apply. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible. Digitally scanned documents are preferred and should be emailed as one package to For more details and to apply, please visit!amesf/ce9h.

BECU Foundation Scholarship (Deadline:  March 31, 2017) Amount:  $3,000. The BECU Foundation recognizes and awards outstanding service by graduating high school seniors and undergraduate students in community service.  Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s academic achievements, leadership abilities, and passion for helping others.  Applicants must meet the following criteria:  must be a BECU member with an account in the name of the applicant, must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and must plan to attend college (community, technical, university, or other institution) full time.  For more information, visit         

Pierce County Nurses Association Scholarships (Deadline: March 31, 2017) Amount: varies. This award is for a senior planning a career as a Registered Nurse who is a resident of Pierce County with a GPA of 2.5 or better. Applications and information can be found at:

Twin Star Credit Union Scholarships (Deadline: March 31, 2017) Amount:  $2,000. Each year, Twin Star Credit Union awards 15 college scholarships to graduating high school seniors.  Applicants must be members in good standing with Twin Star Credit Union, and a current transcript must accompany each application.  For additional information, call Devin Boyd at 360-923-4587 or 800-258-3115 X4587; to download an application, visit