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Kindergarten at Tacoma Baptist Schools is an engaging program that prepares children for elementary through fun academic activities, social interactions, group learning, and opportunities to better know God’s Word.
The day typically starts with reciting the pledges and prayer and quickly moves into learning letter recognition with a strong phonics emphasis.  Number concepts are introduced and reviewed regularly, and God’s fascinating creation is examined as well. Library, music, art, and PE classes allow our kindergarteners to learn and practice skills that enrich their education.
God’s Word is central to our program and is used as the basis for everything our kindergarteners learn and do.  Not only is our teacher a great Bible storyteller, but kindergarteners also memorize Bible verses accompanied by hand motions and dramatic emphasis.  Providing a safe and nurturing environment is a priority to us here at Tacoma Baptist, and the Bible is essential to accomplishing this.
Upon completion of kindergarten, the students will:
·   Have learned 42 Bible verses and lots of Bible stories
·   Be able to read 80% of the words seen in their environment
·   Have learned addition facts through 10
·   Be able to subtract 0 and 1 - 10
·   Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
·   Have learned to tell time and identify and count coins
·   Have learned about 10 countries in addition to the United States
·   Know about the five senses, weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the seashore
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