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Welcome to Kindergarten at New Hope Christian School!
The importance of a child’s early education experience can hardly be underestimated, and providing an outstanding academic program in a Christian environment is an incredible privilege and a responsibility we take seriously.
For more than 30 years, God has used New Hope to start hundreds of kindergarten students on their educational journey. Partnering with parents, New Hope has been able to provide outstanding spiritual, academic, physical, and social experiences and a strong foundation as their children embark on this great adventure in learning.
By the end of kindergarten, your student...
• Has learned Bible verses for every letter of the alphabet and experienced God’s love for them through Bible stories.
• Has learned addition facts through 10.
• Can subtract 0 and 1 through 10.
• Can count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

• Can tell time.

• Can identify and count coins.
• Has been introduced to 10 countries.
• Has learned about the 5 senses, weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the seashore.
• Can read.
• Can write in cursive.
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