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Kindergarten At SSCS

Basic Entry Requirements

The goal of our Kindergarten program is to educate the whole child by providing the spiritual, mental, physical and social aspects necessary for a well-rounded and successful education.  We desire to prepare each student for success in first grade, and to build a strong foundation for elementary school.

Each child must be five years old by August 31 to be considered for kindergarten. All students will be assessed for kindergarten readiness during the interview process. 

How can I know if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten screening tools are available to help you determine if your child is ready for kindergarten. Based on assessment results, we can also provide some valuable resources for parents as they prepare their child for school. A child who is not ready for kindergarten in the spring can demonstrate readiness by fall as parents become involved in home readiness exercises.  Call today to set up your child’s Educational Success Consultation. 253-475-7226 Tacoma or 253-847-2643 Graham.


Our Kindergarten has an Academic Focus

Our kindergarten program prepares students to love learning.  Students learn their letters and sounds in the fall and are reading by spring.  They learn to count, and then to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  Math is fun as students learn time and other beginning concepts.  Kindergartners experience a joy of God’s world as they explore His creation in their science time.  They learn to appreciate their community as they learn to enjoy serving others.

Students in kindergarten begin the process of understanding the major components of writing as they write class books and begin to put their own thoughts on paper.

Much of the learning in kindergarten is achieved through hands-on experiences and cooperative learning.  As they learn academic concepts,  kindergartners also become aware of the importance of being in a group, taking turns and obeying teacher instructions.

Along with the core academic subjects, students also enjoy physical education, library, music and art, which provides an education that ministers to the whole child.


Spiritual and Social Development

Students are encouraged to express their love for Jesus in every aspect of their kindergarten day. Whether writing, praying, singing or talking, an awareness of God’s love for them is taught.  In our schools, all students are taught that God loves them and that they are uniquely created and special to Him. Our teachers encourage students to become “other-centered” by serving the community, learning to be a friend, and experiencing the importance of building one another up with words and actions.


What about the teachers?

Every teacher at SSCS loves God and is called to teach children as a ministry of love.  They are committed to prayer for each child daily.  Our teachers are caring individuals who desire for each child to be successful as they enter their first years of school.  They understand the importance of the kindergarten experience and endeavor to see each child reach his/her full potential.   All teachers are certified and have many years experience teaching in a Christian school. 


Life in a SSCS Kindergarten Class

You can expect the following for your child:
1. Individualized attention, allowing for enrichment and remediation.
2. Hands-on activities are used to teach many concepts.
3. Activities that are varied throughout the day. Time is given for play, group time, and focused attention to a task.
4. A phonics approach that allows for strong reading development.
5. Math taught in “real world” and engaging activities, using a variety of manipulatives.
6. Reading for fun, as well as vocabulary development
7. Safe, nurturing, loving and caring environment, where children look forward to school. 
8.  Conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills are modeled, fostering character development.