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Our Mission

Our Mission

South Sound Christian Schools exist to support the Christian home and church by providing Biblically-based education that challenges young lives to grow in faith, knowledge, and skill so that they may glorify God and serve others.

Our Vision

To be a model school that operates and instructs in complete harmony with Biblical truth, producing knowledgeable, skillful students who are inspired to a lifetime of exceptional service.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence: We develop and deliver with excellence a Biblically integrated and academically challenging education that leads naturally to a greater appreciation of God’s magnificence.

Biblical Authority: We recognize the Bible as the absolute authority for what we believe and how we behave as articulated in our Statement of Faith.

Integrity: We strive to be consistent in what we believe and how we behave in private and public life.

Spiritual Growth:
 We challenge believers to submit to God’s unique work in their lives, which is the basis for spiritual growth.

Faithful Stewardship: We accept responsibility to manage with excellence all the resources entrusted to us by God.

Loving Relationships: We demonstrate our value for people by developing personal relationships inspired by grace and truth.

Servant-Leadership: We promote an attitude of service characterized by wisdom, willingness, and humility.

Partnership: We seek strong partnerships with the Christian home and church in the task of educating and nurturing students.

Our Aim

...discipling students with faith, knowledge and skill.