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Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten at New Hope Christian School!
We are delighted to offer an engaging academic pre-kindergarten program that prepares children for kindergarten through fun activities and social interactions. 
This is an academic pre-kindergarten where the students learn to read and write. By the end of pre-kindergarten, your child will be able to read simple sentences, short vowel sounds, and recognize basic sight words.  Pre-K students also focus on writing in manuscript, counting to 100, recognizing numbers 1-20, and doing simple addition problems.
In accordance with our mission statement, the instruction offered is Biblically-based, and the learning environment is nurturing, filled with Christian values and the love of dedicated teachers.  We value our partnership with parents as we support them with the early education of their children.
Click here or call 253.847.2643 to learn more about Pre-Kindergarten at New Hope.