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Map and Directions


Tacoma Baptist Campus

The facilities at Tacoma Baptist Schools are seasoned but well-maintained. Three classroom buildings snuggle together to form the main student learning areas. The Student Center houses the lunchroom which becomes a meeting place for students at other times of the day. The full court gym houses the extensive athletic offerings. A large art room beckons students to become skilled in painting, drawing and pottery. The band and choir rooms are large, allowing many students to participate in musical instruction and skill acquisition. The weight room is used by many athletes and by students who want to stay in shape for personal reasons. A covered playground allows children to get outside for fresh air when it is raining.

New Hope Elementary Campus

The New Hope facility sits on several acres. The main building houses eight classrooms. Each classroom faces the gym, which sits in the center of the facility and is used for PE, elementary athletic events, assemblies, programs and weekly chapel. Several portable buildings house classrooms, storage and other meeting areas. The covered play area allows for outside recess when it rains.