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Techology on the Tacoma Baptist Campus

In 2007, the school board considered carefully the academic goals and dreams of the district and chose to investigate a new laptop purchase for teachers and students. Because of their long history and favorable options for school customers, and the known quality and reliability of Apple hardware and software, the board chose Apple. In addition to all staff receiving new computers, mobile labs with HP LaserJet printers were purchased for students at each school. New Hope Elementary has a lab of 25 MacBook laptops, TBS Elem/JH also has a mobile lab of 25, and TBS HS has a lab of 20.

At TBS, elementary students in grades 3-6 spend at least 30 minutes each week in the computer lab, hosted in the school library. Student learn presentation, research, word processing and keyboarding skills which are used in the completion of class assignments. Many teachers bring students to the lab for additional work on class projects.

At the Junior High level, students go with their class to the lab or may bring the laptops to the classroom. They work on a variety of programs, including music creation in Garage Band, video editing in iMovie, presentations in Keynote, and word processing in Pages. Junior High students also have a choice of a variety of technology based semester electives, such as Introduction to Computers, Digital Photography, and History of Invention.

TBS High School students use technology in a wide variety of classes, including the core subjects of English, History, Math, and Science. Students have created blogs for book discussions in English, used graphing in Math, and research in Science. World language classes all have an online component as does the English Language Learner class. High School students have a variety of semester electives also, including Computer Productivity, Computer Creativity, Digital Photography, and Yearbook. Students in these electives may create videos, original background music for slide presentations describing their understanding of Scripture, or learn about the differences in basic housing while drawing scale models of mission trip building projects. They also learn about the ethics of digital content, how to document research, and to apply elements of design.

Mrs. Edwards, the JH and HS computer teacher and district tech support person, has noticed a marked improvement in the level of technology understanding students bring with them since the switch to the new computer model. TBS technology is definitely increasing student real world skills.

Technology at New Hope Elementary

At New Hope Christian School we are blessed to have a mobile computer lab of 25 Apple MacBooks. That means that each child in grades 3-6 has opportunities to use a laptop computer in their class as a tool for research, keyboarding, publishing, and mastery of subjects and skills taught throughout the day every week. Other classes and grades also have access to the mobile lab. Beginning with 3rd grade, the students learn keyboarding and word processing skills. Adding to the student’s computer repertoire each year, a New Hope graduate will know how to navigate search engines safely on the internet, complete comprehensive research projects, publish stories and reports on Pages (word processing) and Numbers (spreadsheets), deliver rich content presentations using Keynote(computer slides), and explore and utilize educational support sites that fortify skills in math, science, social studies, reading, spelling, and language skills.