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Spiritual Life

We believe all aspects of our lives should glorify God

At SSCS, we recognize that students who develop a close, thriving relationship with God will be well prepared to meet the challenges of life. A right relationship with God brings harmony to all other aspects of the student’s life. Student spiritual development will equip them with character qualities such as honesty, hard work, respect for authority, love and consideration for others, personal responsibility, etc., that will contribute to young people who will positively impact the communities in which they will serve.

How is faith and passion for God incorporated into daily school life? You'll find SSCS students praying in their classes for each other's'll discover students in every grade memorizing Bible'll see our students take part in a weekly'll notice that godly principles are in every area of study...and you'll see our students serving our community in a variety of capacities. Members of our community regularly comment regarding the “difference” they see in our students.

Athletics is one area where we believe there is great potential for developing the spiritual life of the students. Such development can be seen on the “grid iron” when a member of the opposite football team is injured or falls, and the entire TBHS football team gets down on their knees and prays for that player. These types of open and public expressions of care and faith come from going to a school where fellow classmates are of the same heart. Every teacher genuinely cares about each student. Spiritual life on SSCS campuses is alive and well!

Admission into our school means joining a Christian community that shares a common faith and common values. Students and families join the SSCS community out of a deliberate choice, seeking accountability and encouragement for spiritual growth. Your child will benefit from positive peer influence among the student body. We are intentional in admitting and promoting only students who are serious about their academic and spiritual pursuits. Although we have a strong Baptist heritage, our focus is on the Bible and on discipleship--and our students come from over 125 different churches.

For Christians, the standard for faith and life is the Bible. SSCS seeks to extend that Biblical philosophy of training. We stand on God's Word without shame, apology, or compromise. All facets of school instruction and operation conform to God's standard. SSCS hires faculty and staff who are professionally competent and spiritually mature, worthy to be Christian role models for your child. We believe all aspects of our lives should glorify God, and we endeavor to nurture the same philosophy in our students.