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Tacoma Baptist High School


Tacoma Baptist High School’s approach to education is based upon God’s character and His involvement in human affairs. Faculty and staff enjoy the blessing of serving and being served in an environment that realizes the unique responsibility of coming alongside our students and teaching them to know, love, obey and serve our God. Here at TBHS, our goal is to integrate Biblical growth and servant leadership along with academic excellence. Every student participates in a dynamic and relevant Bible class on a daily basis and Scripture is integrated into every class taught. We offer Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus. We have also pursued advanced computer technologies with our new Mac labs, which allow us to integrate innovative technologies into the daily classroom experience. Our athletic programs continue to produce top-notch athletes, while our fine arts, music and drama venues add variety to further hone our young people. Truly, it is Tacoma Baptist High School’s deep desire to impact the many walks of life that each student and graduate leads as they model unwavering commitment to Biblical truth and consistent academic achievement.