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Tacoma Baptist Junior High

Tacoma Baptist Junior High promotes the philosophy of coming alongside parents in fulfilling their responsibility of training young people to be disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our hope to raise the standard of excellence through a well-rounded academic program that incorporates music, the arts, leadership and athletics. As a junior high school that transitions children into young adults, we are endeavoring to be an educational institution that operates and instructs in complete harmony with Biblical truth. A new Mac Lab allow us to integrate innovative technologies into the daily classroom experience. Our students enjoy exciting and relevant weekly chapels, and an active student leadership program. We also offer band, choir, art, drama, quarterly activities, and several sports options for our young men and women. Ultimately, it is TBJH’s compelling purpose to create and leave a legacy that will last for generations to come as these students move into high school and the future life God has for each.

Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents:

The junior high years are exciting! Children grow up and begin to think like a teen-ager. Their priorities change; friends and independence become important. The junior high years can also be turbulent because physical growth, emotional uncertainty and many other changes are happening! Intellectual abilities expand, and a student’s faith is often stretched and challenged. Arguably, these are some of the most important years in a student’s life. The decisions made and attitudes developed in these years often follow a student through the rest of life.

At Tacoma Baptist, we partner with parents to help each child navigate through these critically important junior high years. While we provide a strong academic program, we also strive to ensure that students are immersed in an environment that is conducive to the development of a rich and vibrant relationship with Christ. Our faculty and staff are committed to the spiritual and academic growth of our students. Students participate in daily Bible classes and are actively involved in weekly chapels.  They enjoy opportunities for servant leadership while on campus; they also have opportunity to serve in the community. They are also challenged academically through rigorous math, English, history, and science courses. Enrichment classes such as band, choir, life skills and others round out a strong junior high selection of courses.

If you are looking for a junior high faculty who not only focus on the academic, but are passionate about their role in discipling students, I invite you to visit Tacoma Baptist Junior High School. I believe you will be glad you did.

In His Service,
Debbie Schindler
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