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Technology at New Hope is designed to support student engagement and achievement. Classrooms have digital projectors and document cameras to allow teachers to instruct students through multiple methods designed to reach all learning styles.
We have a mobile computer lab of 25 Apple MacBooks available for in-class use. Each child in grades 3-6 has opportunities to use a laptop as a tool for research, keyboarding, publishing, and mastery of subjects and skills.
Beginning with 3rd grade, the students learn keyboarding and word processing skills. Having added to the student’s computer repertoire each year, a New Hope graduate will know how to navigate search engines safely on the internet, complete comprehensive research projects, publish stories and reports on Pages (word processing) and Numbers (spreadsheets), deliver rich content presentations using Keynote (computer slides), and explore and utilize educational support sites that fortify skills in math, science, social studies, reading, spelling, and language skills.