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Welcome Alumni!

At Sound Christian, we strive to equip today’s disciples to become tomorrow’s leaders, and our alumni are living proof of that. They’ve pioneered campus traditions, inspired others to faithfully follow Christ, and established legacies of academic and athletic excellence at SCA. After leaving their mark on our campus, our alumni continue to serve God in a wide variety of professions and callings.

In a recent survey, one of our alumni said, “At the end of my first day of kindergarten at SCA my mom asked how I liked it. Apparently I said. “It was marvelous! Can I go again tomorrow?” I’m thankful that my parents and grandparents made it possible for me to go for 13 years of tomorrows.”

Alumni Spotlight

Take a look at how SCA has impacted the lives of our alumni and their families.  Please welcome, Erik Eklund Class of 2009.  



Held in the fall during football season (usually October) each year, this fun event brings the current student body together with our alumni family in celebration of Sound Christian.  Complete with the introduction of the high school royal court, the crowning of the current school year's elected king and queen, an alumni booth with treats and a place to meet up with old friends, this is an event that you don't want to miss!

Alumni Night

This event usually takes place during the Christmas season on the SCA campus and coinciding with several home basketball games.  Come and watch a few of our current teams playing as well as participate in the fun, exciting, and always entertaining Alumni Game! Take a few minutes to meet up with old friends at the alumni reception as well.  We hope to see you there!

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