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Common Core + TBS

At Tacoma Baptist Schools, you will not find Common Core driving the educational activities in our classrooms. As a private school, we do not operate based on federal funding and are not currently required to adopt the Common Core State Standards at our schools.
We share many of the concerns that public and private school educators have expressed regarding the Common Core State Standards. Common academic standards can be very useful when they inform content in an effort to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate, sequentially meaningful, and academically rigorous. Unfortunately, the Common Core goes beyond simply establishing content standards and is influencing teaching methodology.
TBS acknowledges Common Core State Standards in the following ways:

  • Administrators take the Common Core into consideration, along with other relevant educational initiatives, when establishing our academic standards
  • Our curriculum addresses most Common Core Standards, but we often teach objectives in a different sequence than the Common Core recommends
  • We meet and exceed the academic standards of the Common Core, but we do not subscribe to its methodologies

At Tacoma Baptist Schools, we are committed to providing students with an education that equips them to succeed academically, spiritually, and socially. This means:

  • We are regularly evaluating our curriculum and methodology in light of educational research to improve our academic offerings
  • Our curriculum reflects our philosophical foundation of Biblical truth and every subject is taught from a Biblical worldview 
  • Teachers are able to utilize methodologies and resources that work best for their students, helping every child to reach their full potential
  • Students take one standardized test each year (beginning in first grade) to assess student achievement. This test provides teachers and parents with information about student performance in relation to state and national averages. Test results alone do not determine if a student moves on to the next grade

If you have additional questions about academics at TBS or our position on Common Core, please contact us