At Sound Christian Academy, we are committed to helping students grow academically, spiritually, and socially. Our academic program provides a strong educational foundation in core subjects – math, reading, language arts, science, and history – along with a variety of enrichment opportunities throughout the elementary grades - music, computers, physical education, and art.
With small class sizes, SCA teachers get to know their students and use a wide range of instructional methods to meet their individual learning needs. Elementary students are nurtured spiritually in daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and a Biblical worldview that permeates every subject and lesson. Students have regular opportunities to live out what they’re learning – loving and serving others through local and global mission projects.
Students at Sound Christian Elementary learn in a safe and nurturing environment, where caring teachers desire to see students grow as individuals according to God’s design. Expectations are set and behavior is managed based on God’s Word in order to help students to develop Christ-like character.

2020 5th Grade Wax Museum

Each year our 5th Graders research an important historical figure and present their research as a wax museum.  This year, their presentations were given via Zoom.  Great job 5th Graders!  

Meet our teachers

2019-2020 Chapel Offering

•Focusing on pastor needs in India
•208 church planting missionary pastors
•Pastors serve 485 congregations and 1,513 believing groups who have not yet been organized into congregations
•Pastors walk to villages to lead congregations, often over 6 miles EACH WAY
•What they need: transportation….. BIKES
•Bikes costs $100, which is the monthly salary of most pastors

Sound Christian Academy Student Outcomes for End of 5th Grade

Faith Goals
It is the objective of SCA to train, teach by example, and inspire students middle school career:
·  Know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
·  Growing in their Christian walk.
·  Emerging defenders of their faith.
·  Be a committed to a local church and serve others.
·  Be able to apply God’s Word in their daily life.
·  Understand the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fellowship.
·  Have the desire and strive to love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.
·  Have the desire and strive to love their neighbor as themselves.
·  Recognize that God has a purpose for their lives,  and affirm the authority of Scripture.
·  Understand a basic Biblical worldview.
·  Honor God the Father, emulate His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, and follow the Holy Spirit.
Knowledge Goals
It is the objective of SCA to provide an academic curriculum of excellence and to teach and train students in such a way that they will:
·  Master core competencies in academic disciplines including reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, history, the sciences, geography, languages, and the arts.
·  Be prepared for middle school.
·  Understand major biblical themes and are able to navigate through Scripture.
Skill Goals
It is the objective of SCA to educate and train students in such a way that they will:
·  Practice effective study skills, test taking techniques, listening, observing, and critical thinking.
·  Develop tools to become problem solvers and creative thinkers.
·  Demonstrates basic skills in written and verbal communication.
·  Be able to find information resources, use technology, analyze and evaluate information, perform academic research.
·  Foster respect and integrity in human relationships.
·  Practice responsible stewardship of God’s creation and resources.

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