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Faith In Our Classrooms

Faith in our classrooms looks like:

  • Students who know God loves them
  • Teachers who genuinely loves their students and pray for them daily
  • Biblical truth taught throughout the day in all subjects
  • Students being challenged to respond to each other in love and with sensitivity
  • Students understanding that God makes each of us unique and we accept each other as God’s creation
  • Students sharing, collaborating, thinking, planning, writing, speaking, listening -- all with courtesy and respect for one another

At Tacoma Baptist…
Tacoma Baptist Schools exists to partner with parents to provide a Biblically based education.   That means that every part of the TBS education reflects the principles of God’s Word and challenges young leaders to apply spiritual truth to their lives in a way that is practical and real.
From the Preschool through senior year, students are taught in daily Bible classes that Jesus loves them unconditionally and that His grace covers them each and every day.  Students are given opportunity to enter a relationship with Jesus as their Savior and to make Him Lord of their lives.  Throughout their time at TBS, students are then challenged to develop Christian character, exercise their leadership skills, and grow in their understanding of what it means to love and serve God.