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Our Values

The school understands your God given responsibility to educate your children.
Many Christian parents have taught their children about God since the day they were born. They've taken them to church, read them Bible stories, and sung "Jesus Loves Me". They prefer to entrust them to a school where God is loved, His Word is upheld as truth, and the stories taught and songs sung in the home will be part of the essential instruction of the education given.
We will reinforce the godly values you teach at home.
Even the best state schools are prohibited by law from reinforcing the Christian values you teach at home.  You care about the mental and spiritual development of your children; sending your children to a Christian school means that you will not have to bridge the philosophical gap between Christianity and the humanism taught in state schools.  
You can entrust us to teach truth as part of every subject.
That way, you'll have more time for ball games and bike rides and meaningful conversations. Instead of debriefing your children and challenging them to rethink what they have been taught at school, you'll enjoy engaging in dialog about how we can and should impact our culture as Christians.
We know our students.
Our teachers know each child and pay attention to changes in behavior and attitude.  Small class sizes allow a caring, professional relationship between teacher and student that encourages a sense of value and safety.  
Our schools are safe.
We provide a safe place – emotionally and physically – for your child to receive an education. While our school is not devoid of issues, we are committed to providing a safe place for every child. When issues do occur, we deal with them in a fair and firm manner. Verbal insults, bullying and hazing are not tolerated; instead, students honor each other and defer to one another as Christ did.  Behavior that does not honor God is exposed for what it is, which helps guard your children's minds against the ungodly attitudes fostered by our culture.  Students are expected to be polite and considerate and often watch out for the emotional and physical safety of one another.

Based on excerpts from, "Reasons to Send your Child to a Christian School"