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Philosophy of Education

At Tacoma Baptist Schools, we believe that education is the continuous development of the spirit, mind and body towards God's objective for man, godly character, with the final outcome being "that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works" (II Tim. 3:17).  Excellent academic offerings, engaging classrooms and instruction that is planned so that each child has opportunity for success challenges the mind in preparation for a life calling.   Understanding that a strong body allows effective service to God gives importance to PE/Health classes and the many sports options available to the TBS junior high and high school students.  Knowing that many skills must be developed for life success, students have key occupational education courses to select from.
TBS teachers strive to follow that model of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, who used a wide variety of methods as He taught.  As Jesus challenged His disciples to learn and grow in His truth,  He used lecture, questions, discovery of truth, collaboration and other methods to impart important truth.  
All truth is God’s truth.  Therefore, students in the primary classrooms at TBS are taught God’s story, His character and the simple facts of the major doctrines of the Bible.  Students in grades 3-8 find that all subjects are taught with an emphasis on understanding and application of concepts.  Analysis of ideas and philosophies occur in the high school as students study famous writers, learn to write, examine history, and learn the concepts and skills of science and math.  As students grow into maturity, they are taught to defend their faith and to critically analyze all issues and theories in light of God’s truth.  Skills taught in every subject are measured against Truth and taught for application in the Christian life.   
As students enter their last two years of high school, they are encouraged to examine all that they have learned and determine for themselves their belief system.  Teachers stand ready to mentor and coach students as they “make their faith their own” in preparation for university, careers and their life calling.  Students who have been discipled during their high school career find they have obtained needed academic understanding for university study and are ready for leadership responsibilities. 
At TBS, teachers see each student as a unique individual created for a specific purpose and plan.  Each student is encouraged to access his skills, to apply his gifts and abilities in the service of others, and to prayerfully and thoughtfully make plans for the future.  Being a part of a community means that students learn how to give, wait their turn, honor others and work collaboratively.  Accountability to others is taught in the elementary classrooms and becomes more important as students develop until, in junior high and high school, students are encouraged to be accountable to other Christians in their “grace group,” a small group of students that meets regularly to grow together in faith, knowledge and service.
Our philosophy of education leads us to instruct students in the knowledge and understanding of God and in the preparation of students for a lifetime of learning, loving and serving Him.  The task includes the best education using the most appropriate methodology to prepare the student to make an impact on the world for Jesus Christ and to accomplish His purpose in his life.