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Purpose + Values

Our Purpose
The Purpose of Tacoma Baptist Schools is:

  • To partner with parents in the awesome responsibility of rearing their children to know, to love, and to obey God.
  • The development and education of the student and to become like Christ.
  • The development of each student towards God's objective for man: godly character with the final outcome being "that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works" (2 Tim. 3:17).
  • To instruct students in the knowledge and understanding of God and in the preparation of students for a lifetime of learning, loving and serving Him.

Our Values
Academic Excellence: We develop and deliver a Biblically integrated and academically challenging education that leads naturally to a greater appreciation of God’s magnificence.
Biblical Authority: We recognize the Bible as the absolute authority as articulated in our Statement of Faith.
Partnership: We seek strong partnerships with the Christian home and church in the task of educating and nurturing students.
Loving Relationships: We demonstrate value to people by developing relationships inspired by grace and truth.
Spiritual Growth: We challenge believers to submit to God’s unique work in their lives.
Integrity: We strive to be consistent in what we believe and how we behave.
Servant-Leadership: We promote an attitude of service characterized by wisdom, willingness, and humility.
Faithful Stewardship: We accept responsibility to manage the resources entrusted to us by God.
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