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Technology at Tacoma Baptist is designed to support student achievement and engagement at all grade levels. Classrooms have digital projectors and document cameras to allow teachers to instruct students through multiple methods designed to reach all learning styles.
We have a lab of iPads in the library that is scheduled at least once a week by elementary students in grades 3-6. Students learn and improve skills in touch-typing and word processing in addition to developing search skills to support classroom learning. Classes use a variety of networked, online, and installed programs to support creativity, communication, and digital citizenship through the use of technology.
Junior High
Classes have the opportunity to use the high school lab to support individual and classroom learning in addition to choosing technology electives such as Introduction to Computers and Introduction to Digital Photography.
High School
We offer computers to support student success in high school. We have MacBook laptops and iPads available for classroom or individual student use. Additionally, the HS has a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) program that allows students to use the technology they already own. Technology is integrated into courses through on-line assignments and testing, ‘Flipped’ science coursework, ELL listening labs, and more. Technology electives include Digital Photography, Intro to Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Journalism/Yearbook, and Robotics.