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We recognize that tuition rates are an important factor for families to consider when selecting a school. Unfortunately, families often look at posted tuition rates and prematurely conclude that a school is not for them or that it’s simply out of reach. Numbers, on their own, cannot tell you the whole story, but they can be hard to see beyond. The financial capabilities of each individual family is carefully taken into consideration when customizing tuition for your family. This is why we believe that discussions about tuition should be part of a larger conversation about academic opportunities, spiritual life, campus environment, your family situation, and your hopes and dreams for your children’s education.
Our tuition rates are affordable and competitive when compared to other schools in the South Sound region. We want to help families to discover if our school is a good fit and then work with them to make the numbers add up. To view our 2019-2020 Tuition rates, click here.
Call us at 253.475.7226 or click here to connect with a member of our admissions team and begin this conversation. We look forward to meeting you!